Membership Renewal Update:


We currently have 13,000 licences that have been renewed since December 2016. The licences are being issued in batches, and are being delivered directly to the members. Next week the 2017 events will be on the new system. The Membership Team are currently receiving a huge volume of queries, so apologies if your query hasn’t been addressed. Please note the following frequent queries:

·  Last week the first batch of licences were issued when 2,500 licences were posted. This week another 2,500 will be sent out.

·  Your PDF print of your licence card is valid as your card – so don’t worry if you haven’t received your card yet.

·  Note: The membership team are dealing with 300 plus queries daily, please look at the FAQ section on our website before sending a query, and if you are in a club revert to your club official before contacting us. Your email will be answered in rotation. Note also that email is the most reliable way of contacting us despite the delayed response time.

·  If you opted for a iDMe Wristband your band will also be posted in the next couple of weeks – if you haven’t yet selected a size you will receive a link to do so in the coming weeks. The wristbands will go to your club secretary, if you are in a club, and to yourself if not.

·  If you are a perpetual member and have signed up to the automatic renewal, the DD will come out of your account on the anniversary of when you originally signed up. At the moment an error on the system makes it initially look like your licence expired on the 31st December 2016, IGNORE THIS DATE. Your licence card is valid until the date stated on it and your fee for this year will be debited in due course.

·  Leisure licence holders who were new members in 2016 do not have to renew their licence until the anniversary of when they renewed last year. This was a measure we introduced last year, and is valid for all leisure members this year. Note that the club may ask for you to pay the club fee early in the year, a facility to do this online independently of your Cycling Ireland membership will be available in early February.