Mimi, Lulabel and Loretta.

Three ladies who have made a huge impact on my long life. Ladies who I have met and fallen in love with in my time and who are still a huge part of my life today and a great influence.

Mimi. I call her my little black number. That’s not racist, by the way. It’s our little joke. She has been my companion and sometimes my savior for many years now. We met by accident one time when I was out shopping. We hit it off right away. She fitted my temperament at the time and has thrlled me on many occasion when she has accompanied me to places of mutual interest.

Thing about Mimi is. She wasn’t a stayer. She could only perform one day at a time. Occasionally on an overnight but it took it out of her. Once I took her on a 2 week vacation. She wasn’t able for the attention and support she needed to give me. She took a long time to recover from the ordeal and we never went again. Unfortunately, one time when she fell and suffered a fracture which left her immobile in lots of ways. I was at a loss because the nature of my business is that I need to have an attractive female at my side to accompany me on trips. So after a lot of soul searching and looking around in places were one looks if someone is looking for suitable company. I met Lullabel. She was/is a beauty. She is nimble on her feet, responsive in her movements and totally comfortable to be around always. She gives me a lot of pleasure on days when I need solace and excitement in equal measure. And she has always performed her functions to my utter satisfaction. What a looker she is. Takes my breath away when I see her.
As Mimi got better the rivalry between her and Lullabel was much in evidence. Arguments would flare for no apparent reason , usually out of my hearing . They were very careful never to argue in front of me. They knew I would not tolerate that sort of behavior.

I mentioned three . The third was my beloved Loretta.

Loretta has been at my side for more years than I care to remember. I met her first in Canada when I was on a trip to Mexico. I fell for her instantly and she for me . So much so that she agreed to come with me . I needed a companion and she promised that she would support me in every way. She would always be at my side when I needed her.
Six wonderful weeks we spent together travelling. They were the most wonderful six weeks of my life. When it came time to return home we were inseparable. She couldn’t leave me and we agreed to return to Ireland together .
I knew there would be a reaction from the others but I felt they were all mature ladies and that might not be a problem.

And so it proved. I have a happy medium in the household .They have long learned to co exist. Because they know I treat then all equally. Yes, there are occasional heated arguments between them . Especially if there is a time I seem to favour one over the other, too much. But they are always careful I don’t hear. But I do. And it bothers me.

Loretta is happy she doesn’t get upset too much now. She is getting older and is happy most of the time to be around the house. She knows she is not happy with an odd day out. Always preferred a few days away. The other two are very different. . They always vie for my attentions and seem happy that I devide my time equally between them. But it’s trying. Some ask why I can’t be content with one companion. But I tell them , that’s just my way. I need to have the company of many ladies. Keeps me young I maintain. And variety is what they say it is . I totally agree.

Problem arises when I want a new bicycle and I have given names to the current ones. It’s impossible to let them go. Loretta and Mimi and Lullabel are pure treasures. So much a part of who I am. My wife will never understand me.