C Group Cycle for Sunday 11th February
Looks like its going to be cold again with a westerly wind. So keeping the route reasonably short and flattish.
Heading up some roads we haven’t been up for some time. So should be interesting and reasonably quiet.
As a follow on from our spin last week. Lets try to keep ourselves orderly on the road. That requires everyone’s concentration.
Follow the wheel in front of you as much as possible, not a foot or more off to the right or left. When we are changing direction or otherwise changing momentum.
A corner of the eye, glance to your following rider just to make sure he/she is still on your wheel. If not, ease up and get everyone back on.
If we practice those simple manoeuvres we won’t look too disjointed to drivers behind. Theres nothing frustrates drivers more than a 500 meter long group of cyclists frantically trying to get together.
Layer up cause it looks to be cold. Coffee should be in Nurney and we should have a good tailwind from Kildare. So, enjoy and be safe.
John B