Could be a small enough group out on this day…..or maybe not!!
Whatever way it goes there will be a northerly wind blowing on the bikes whatever about elsewhere!
This trip is routed out to Sallins and the blue door, across via Lyons estate and Celbridge to Mayooth and coffee in probably Mac Donald’s . Where I gather we had a good reception on our last visit here.
Thereafter we will take the TOK route to Kilcock and home via Clane.

The day is for dry and cold and whatever wind is there will follow us from Kilcock.
With our FB chat over the week it seems we need to sharpen up on our concentration in the peloton, pay more attention to our pace and formation. We will have some discussion about these issues where we can. But everyone should take responsibility for these issues themselves for everyone’s safety.
Let’s enjoy the day and ……BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!
See you all Sunday having made all the necessary excuses/promises/expressions of undying love and devotion.
I’ll bring the flowers you bring the chocolates! ;-))

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