Racing Group Sunday March 11th and winter training spins: With the racing season going into full swing and with races in Clonard on Saturday and the Boyne GP on Sunday in Leinster a lot of our group will be away representing the club competitively. I am posting up a route for this Sunday but with riders away racing on a weekly basis for the spring/summer it will be the last official training spin of the winter. The group have worked very well together over the last few months¬†and everyone has played their part even in some challenging weather conditions which have not been favourable over the winter. The route this Sunday is sticking to main roads as snow and snow melt is still hampering a lot of minor roads throughout the county. Could the group organize itself and study the route carefully working on the drills we have practiced as all the leaders are away. We will be arranging an in house club practice race very shortly and I will post up when the details are confirmed .Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the group over the last few months and to all the riders who led spins in my absence. Also best of luck to all racing this weekend and for the season ahead. I’m sure we’ll bring home a few positive results